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Most of us dream to study abroad but only few eventually realize it. The Gradex team offers a range of services to serve you dedicatedly and to handle all procedures to secure your admission abroad in a timely and in a hassle free manner. We are one of the most professional and genuine study abroad consultants.

Our Gradex team of trained career counsellors will give you expert, genuine, transparent and updated information starting from admissions to visas, to make the right choice and set you on the right career path to reach your dream destination. Our professional network and expertise with the universities and visa authorities shall ensure processes are completed smoothly to study abroad. Our range of services is set out below:

Career Counselling

Our qualified Gradex team shall educate you on the choice of courses that are available in the different countries help you make the right decision regarding your choice, keeping in mind your aptitude, interest, educational background and the future career prospects. We guide the students to make their dreams come true.


Once your course is decided, the next step is admission. We shall help you to short list the best possible college or university depending on your merit, suitability of course, and finances, helping you make a well presented application. We assist applicants to meet the representatives of various universities directly for clearing all doubts and help you to get on spot admission offers when available.

Tests Preparation

Gradex counsellors are aware of the tests that have to be taken and cleared prior to joining programs abroad for the various universities in different countries. We have a separate qualified team to assist you and guide you to undertake these tests. We have trainers to help clear the IELTS / PTE / TOEFL / GRE / GMAT test and will help students register on line and take the test.

Visa Guidance

Gradex is there for you all the way. Once the admission is secured, visa clearances are needed to travel and join the program in your country of choice. Our visa processing team has extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. We will give you genuine assistance and guidance for visa facilitation. Our team shall assist you in the entire process starting from filling applications, preparing right financial documents, guidance on educational loans and interview preparation.


Gradex counsellors are fully aware of the nature of scholarships that are offered by various partner universities across the world. It will be our endeavour to render all possible assistance to our students to apply for the scholarship process and guide them through the process to avail Scholarships deserving to them according to their merits. This helps reduce the financial burden and also boosts your self-esteem.

Travel Guidance / Foreign Exchange / Overseas Insurance

Our dedicated Gradex team will assist you in guiding them to get best deals from travel operators, suggest the right connectivity and the right airline depending on finances. We shall also help you in buying foreign exchange. Students going abroad for studies need medical insurance cover and travel insurance too. We will help you get your insurance cover before you leave.

Pre Departure and Post Arrival Assistance

Our counsellors shall create a group of students and help you to stay connected to each other. You will be given check lists and guidance on what to carry and details of the country they are going to, guidance on part time work and other rules and regulations. A pre departure orientation will be held for every student group leaving to a country.

After our students reach their dream destinations, we maintain contact with all of them till they finish their course, guiding them at every stage to get good jobs. We update you on immigration guidelines and help to make informed choices till you are well settled with their career. We also assist with the visas for spouse, parents, siblings who want to visit our students.

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