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Fast track your Australian/New Zealand Dream!

We are the authorised partner for ATMC Education Group and offer you the unique Abroad Unified Pathway Program (AUPP) for the first time in Tiruchirappalli. The AUPP program has been specifically designed to act as a pathway to help you pursue exciting careers abroad in the areas of Computer Science/ Information Technology and Accounting & Management in Australia and New Zealand.

Gradex offers the first year of the Australian Education Program (AQF/ASQA curriculum) at Trichy. Students will then be transferred to Australia/New Zealand for direct entry into the Second Year of the respective degrees.

ATMC education group which offers the AUPP program has tied up with The Federation University of Australia (in the city of Ballarat) and The University of Sunshine Coast (in the city of Sippy’s Down) to run five campuses in the heart of Melbourne and Sidney where our students will study for two years to complete their undergraduate program.

The ATMC campus in New Zealand is in Auckland and offers bachelor degree courses in Business, Healthcare, Technology and Digital Media. Three year work visas are available to students who complete their degrees in Applied Arts and Applied Management.

Students want to work while studying to meet their living expenses and get experience. There are many part-time opportunities available in sectors like retail, hospitality, banking and finance. The program permits part time work of 20 hours per week and this reduces the financial commitment that you have to plan for your education abroad. On successful completion of the program you will be eligible for a work visa for two/three years in Australia/New Zealand!

Gradex will deliver the AUPP program with qualified and experienced faculty who will ensure a high standard of competency and coverage of the theoretical content, which will lead to direct entry into the Australian universities with credit exemption. The AUPP program will coach you for the IELTS test readiness. The program will also support and develop your communication and work skills to make a smooth transition of being an international student – your Australian dream come true!

Courses offered through AUPP


  • Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Accounting.

New Zealand

  • Bachelor of Applied Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Film Production)
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Digital Media Production)


AUPP is ab exclusively designed program for students who wish to pursue an international degree after completing their +2 in India. AUPP specializes in Credit Transfer in the field of Information Technology (IT) ad Business Management. Study first year of the International UG degree in India and complete the final two years in Australia or New Zealand.
You will be studying the curriculum of the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree you opt to study abroad. Apart from the courses, you will be put through English coaching and skill development to prepare you for your international experience in Australia/New Zealand.

It is a system whereby after successfully completing your units of study, it is transferred from one course to another. AUPP Credit Transfer program provides credits for subjects you study in the local centre and they are transferred to the degree you study abroad for the next two years in Australia or New Zealand with the partner universities of the program.

You need to study forty hours per fortnight in Australia and 20 hours per week in New Zealand.

The education system in Australia/New Zealand is very interactive and practical. Average students can easily cope with the same if they are regular in their studies.

AUPP provides student accommodation services, retail based training, job placement assistance, food and infrastructure facilities.

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